Domestic Violence Memorials

Memorialize victims of domestic violence. For a $25 donation place their name on our memorial wall "Don't Hide". Click here for more information.

Services and Programs

We offer a wide variety of life skills guidance including budget planning, banking, interview skills and online job search. Click here for more info.

Services and Programs

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Life Skills: Offered to those who need guidance to become self-sufficient and learn financial independence. 

  • Budget planning
  • Banking
  • Interview Skills
  • Online Job Search

We also provide guidance in Anger Management: Take control of anger by learning triggers and techniques that will help you be in control:

  • Identify your triggers
  • Understand your triggers
  • Learn anger management techniques
  • How anger effects your health.

Document Preparation: (Call for appointment). Be prepared for retirement and help relieve the family of difficult decisions.

  • Notary Service
  • Power of Attorney
  • Living Wills
  • Life Insurance / Financial Planning (Consultant Available – Call for appointment)

Special Programs

  • Social Service Referrals
  • Theresa D. Davis Educational Program (Yearly) Luncheon & School Supply Giveaway
  • Hiding Behind The Make-Up (End Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault) 
  • Yearly Conference
  • Yearly Wellness Retreat 
  • Sharing is Caring Clothes Swap (Fundraising Event)
  • Support Groups (schedule to be announced)
  • Acknowledge Your Purpose Class (schedule to be announced) 
  • Teen Sex Texting (program date to be announced)

Life Skills and Anger Management Classes

Life Skills Classes (become self-sufficient and learn financial independence).
Mondays and Tuesdays (2/4 hour classes). First and Fourth week each month.


Anger Management Classes (learn triggers and techniques that will help you be in control).
Wednesdays and Thursdays (4/4 hour classes). Second and Third week each month.