Domestic Violence Memorials

Memorialize victims of domestic violence. For a $25 donation place their name on our memorial wall "Don't Hide". Click here for more information.

Services and Programs

We offer a wide variety of life skills guidance including budget planning, banking, interview skills and online job search. Click here for more info.


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Founders and Board Members

Cleo R. Davis Jr. had an almost overwhelming feeling that he was destined to help build his community from within. After seeing many people falling through the cracks he decided it was time to establish programs to fill the cracks that would allow people to better themselves.


    Cleo R. Davis Jr
Cleo R. Davis, Jr., is the founder and the visionary of Recovery First Community Development Center (RFCDC). His desire was to have a community based organization that would be able to help people grow a positive lifestyle from their adversity. Our founder is the Pastor and organizer of Everlasting Praise Baptist Church (Balch Springs, Texas). From his struggles early in life, grows his compassion to be a service to other people and a support to any and every one that has a need.
    Deborah A. Davis
Deborah A. Davis, is the co-founder of RFCDC. Her goal is to educate the community and support their needs is her purpose. Empowering a person and helping them find their own passion is a mission she has embraced for years. Every program is developed by Deborah and geared towards enhancing one’s life. She has a Bachelor of Liberal Arts in Social Science that has helped her distinguish the cultural diversities and how to approach each situation, and bring about successful changes.
    Tyeshia R. Alston
Tyeshia R. Alston, is the founder of S.A.A.V.E.D. (Set Apart Aiming Victoriously to Eliminate Diseases). Her goal is to educate and support individuals about HIV and AIDS. Programs regarding the ratification of this and other diseases is her main goal. Through RFCDC, Ms. Alston also offers programs that help with the goals of the organization.

Life Skills and Anger Management Classes

Life Skills Classes (become self-sufficient and learn financial independence).
Mondays and Tuesdays (2/4 hour classes). First and Fourth week each month.


Anger Management Classes (learn triggers and techniques that will help you be in control).
Wednesdays and Thursdays (4/4 hour classes). Second and Third week each month.